voluntary personal commitment for artists

I pledge to put the following principles into practice to the best of my ability in my professional life:

In employment relations, I will advocate adherence to all legal regulations. I will pay special attention to human rights, the general act on equal treatment, and labour and collective bargaining laws.

I will only work for reasonable remuneration unless exceptional artistic, amicable or charitable reasons prevail. I will not take part in rehearsals or performances without a prior signed agreement.

I will actively strive for the improvement of working conditions in the performing arts and music by advocating solidarity among all artists.

I will promote debates on values and attitudes that are key to working together, and will actively implement this culture of values in my everyday work.

I will support respectful treatment of all co-workers in my working environment and promote a climate of mutual appreciation and esteem. This includes the protection of minority groups and observance of equal opportunity and equality. In particular, I will take resolute action against sexual abuse and all forms of exploitation, harassment and arbitrariness. Thoughtfulness, social responsibility, transparency and loyalty are essential features to be aimed at in company culture.

I will take an active stance in the relevant places against giving or receiving unfair personal gain in the allocation of employment.