voluntary personal commitment for directors and teachers in schools, universities and academies

I pledge to put the following principles into practice to the best of my ability in my professional life:

I would like to take on comprehensive responsibility for the trainees in my care. This comprises only accepting applicants who have exceptional artistic talent, and therefore real opportunities later on the labour market. I will provide comprehensive artistic training to the best of my ability and conscience. Courses, classes or year groups may only be of a pedagogically justifiable size. Furthermore I support the expansion of the curriculum to include teaching of basic professional knowledge (i.e. employment and contract law, communication and self management). I will promote a safe and healthy academic environment, and pay special attention to the artistic capital of all students, and their mental and physical health.

I will support respect and solidarity in the treatment of students and co-workers in areas within my control, and promote a climate of mutual appreciation and esteem. This includes the protection of minority groups and observance of equal opportunity and equality. In particular, I will take resolute action against sexual abuse and all forms of exploitation, harassment and arbitrariness. Thoughtfulness, social responsibility, transparency and loyalty are essential features to be aimed at in company culture.

I will support respectful treatment of all interviewees.

I will take an active stance in the places responsible against giving or receiving unfair personal gain in admission procedures.