voluntary personal commitment for executives in cultural policy, public administration and associations

I pledge to put the following principles into practice to the best of my ability in my professional life:

I will support the protection and promotion of art and culture as a governmental target of my country. I pledge to improve and further develop the conditions for the expansion of art and culture within my sphere of activity. To this end, I will support concepts for cultural policy that define the remit of public culture. I will actively take part in and promote discourse on the value system in the publically funded cultural sector.

I will do my best to counteract growing commercial pressure and help improve working conditions for artists.

I will only support the allocation of public funding to projects that offer adequate remuneration. I actively support the creation and maintenance of minimum rates and payment standards for publically funded cultural productions.

I will support respect and solidarity in the treatment of all co-workers in areas within my control, and promote a climate of mutual appreciation and esteem. This includes the protection of minority groups and observance of equal opportunity and equality. In particular, I will take resolute action against sexual abuse and all forms of exploitation, harassment and arbitrariness. Thoughtfulness, social responsibility, transparency and loyalty are essential features to be aimed at in company culture.

I will take an active stance in the relevant places against giving or receiving unfair personal gain in the allocation of employment.